Sample Rent Agreement

Rent Agreement: A rent agreement or (Kiraya Nama) is a legal contract between Landloard and Tenant which entails all the terms and conditions under which a property is given out on. It includes the details of the parties involved in the transaction. Carefully reading and scrutinizing the rent agreement is highly essential and beneficial for […]

Sample Sale Agreement Pakistan

Agreement of Sale (Part Payment): An Agreement for sale or Sale Agreement is a contractual document to sell a property in future. An agreement of sale constitutes the terms and conditions of sale of a property by the seller to the buyer. These terms and conditions include the amount at which it is to be […]

Sample Full and Final Sale Agreement Pakistan

Agreement of Sale (Full & Final) Full and Final Agreement of Sale is a document signed by the seller at the time of final payment of total sale consideration and handed over the possesion of the mentioned property. This agreement of sale is usually prepared at the time of registering Sale Deed or Power of […]

Sample Authority Letter in Pakistan to collect Property Documents

Authority Letter Authority letter is a document use to authorize someone else on behalf of the person signed authority letter. This letter authorizes someone to act on behalf.  This guide shows the sample authority letter format use in Pakistan to collect property documents such as Allotment Letter, Possession Order, Transfer Letter, CTC etc on behalf of someone […]

Sample Conditional Token Receipt

Conditional Token Receipt Conditional Token Receipt is a documentary proof of money paid by purchaser to the seller at the time of verbal commitment of the purchase of property. The money paid is conditional and refundable if the buyer is not satisfied after verifcation of the ownership of property from respective society or authority. When […]