Gift Deed

A “Gift Deed” is a pivotal legal document that empowers individuals to bestow property, assets, or valuable items upon others, all without the need for any financial exchange. This post serves as your comprehensive guide into the intricate world of gift deeds, addressing every facet of their creation and execution, along with their far-reaching implications. […]

Relinquishment Deed- Registration of Relinquishment Deed in Pakistan

Introduction The term relinquishment refers to the abandoning and surrender of the rights, title, and interest, by one co-owner of property for the other co-owners. The consequences of relinquishment of one co-owner’s share in property are the enlargement of the shares of the other co-owners. Relinquish Deed Relinquishment deed is a Legal Document / Instrument […]

Power of Attorney Property Registration in Pakistan

Power of Attorney A Power of Attorney is a legal document  that is used by people to confer authority on somebody else to legally act on their behalf. Power of Attoney (PoA) is an authority given by a formal instrument wherein one person called the Principal who authorizes the second person who is called Attorney […]

Sale Deed Property Registration in Pakistan

Sale Deed Sale deed is a registered legal document in writing which transfer the ownership of the property in exchange for a price paid. This document is required to be registered with concern registration authorities. Whenever you enter into any sale of property, than the sales deed should be signed by both the parties .This document shows […]

Sample Revocation Deed Format in Pakistan

Revocation Deed Revocation Deed or deed of revocation is a legal document used to revoke the power of attorney. This document is usually prepared at the time when the principal want to revoke a power of attorney where the appointment has not ended under the terms of the power of attorney. Once principal have registered […]